Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil

Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil
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Fractionated coconut oil makes an effective lightweight moisturizer for your face, hair, and lips. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling, not greasy, but hydrated and enriched. The abundance of antioxidants in fractionated coconut oil are also ideal for hydrating dry, heat damaged hair. The coconut oil easily penetrates the hair strands, making hair glossy and silky smooth. Fractionated coconut oil can even be used as a hair conditioner in the shower. You can either add a few drops right into your regular hair conditioner, or use the fractionate coconut oil as a stand-alone hair conditioner. Fractionated coconut oil can also be used to moisturize lips and prevent them from aging. This oil offers the UV protection that the delicate skin on your lips needs to stay young looking, even after years of sun exposure. To use, just dab some oil on your fingertips and apply to your lips like you would any lip balm.

SKIN NOURISHMENT: Makeup Remover - Using coconut oil for skin around the eyes will allow you to remove makeup without irritating your eyes. Plus, you'll hydrate the area around the eyes for less wrinkles. Stretch Marks - Coconut oil helps stretch marks fade more quickly while keeping skin moisturized to speed healing. Body Oil - Rub the oil in your hands to warm it up and apply over your body, especially dry areas such as elbows & knees. Massage Oil - Alleviates sore muscles while moisturizing.

GREAT FOR HAIR: Heat Protectant - Hair dryers, flat irons, hot rollers, and curling irons zap the moisture out of the hair shaft causing it to be brittle and prone to tangling. Coconut oil helps to prevent thermal damage. Fight Frizz - People with thick curly hair often fight frizz in humid climates. Coconut oil helps to tame the frizz, by penetrating into the curls. Split Ends - Rub a small amount over the ends. The oil will add luster and temporarily smooth the tattered hair.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Fractionated Coconut Oil


2 oz. amber glass bottle

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