Eucalyptus & Lemon Soap

Eucalyptus & Lemon Soap
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Light, lemony and refreshing.

No more lazy mornings with this splendid revitalizing soap. The right start for the perfect day.Full of 100% Natural and beneficial ingredients, superbly scented with pure Eucalyptus and Italian Lemons

Eucalyptus Radiata: Highly antiviral, supports respiratory system, antibacterial 

Lemon Oil: Powerful antioxidant, natural solvent and cleanser, supports circulation 

85% Organic Blend


Ingredients: tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, castor oil, cocoa butter, sodium lactate, essential oils of sweet orange, lemon eucalyptus, citronella, lemongrass, litsea cubeba, peppermint, catnip & menthol.

Approx. 4.25 oz.

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